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The motto, “Everything to Everyone and Exhausted” came to me in the middle of the night not long ago.  As parents that’s what we signed up for so I’m not complaining.  I’m just tired.  Parenting is a tough job.  Well, that and matching a laundry basket full of socks.  And while raising children is not for the weak, it is a job that you wouldn’t trade, even if you were guaranteed restful sleep for a lifetime.  At least I’m pretty sure about that.

Despite the fact that my eyes have bags under them and I probably look older than I am, I’m happy to be known as Kate, Riley and Sean’s mom.  I do have a happy and busy life outside of my children, but I think raising them is what I do best.  Of course, depending on how they turn out, I may change my mind on that.

Please contact me at From the Mudroom.  I’m always looking for comments, thoughts, suggestions, ideas and of course any great happy hour drink recipe you want to share.  We may be tired, but we have our priorities.


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