Being Brave: Sometimes You Need To Let The Morons Have It


In my quest for embarking on a year where I embrace bravery, one of the subjects that has become increasingly clear, is that at times it is necessary to acknowledge those relationships that simply don’t work anymore. Once in a while you encounter that one single person that makes you forget about manners, ethics and the Golden Rule. What may have worked at one time, doesn’t mean it always will. Things change, life takes a turn, and suddenly letting go is the only healthy solution that is necessary in order to move forward.

This month, for the first time in my five plus year career of freelancing, I fired a client.  I took a deep breath, allowed my  political correctness to take a time out, and admitted to myself that this particular person was a complete and utter moron. I dropped kicked this nasty guy and told him to lose my number.

When is it appropriate to let these idiots have it? Should we simply move on and ignore their childlike behavior?  I don’t enjoy confrontation. In fact, I am always over the top friendly, and can manage most any type of personality, but I trust my radar. And the one time I didn’t follow it, I paid the price. Four months ago, I accepted a writing job from this now ex client despite the bells and whistles that rang through my head when he begged for a rush job writing content for his website.  Despite every warning signal, I accepted, and spent a holiday weekend creating one-of-a-kind copy, then emailing the completed work ahead of schedule for his review.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty, but something about a client going AWOL, not paying his bill, yet publishing your written word on their website, isn’t cool and rubbed me the wrong way. Go figure. When a third party had to be involved, his overdue check finally arrived. Once the funds were safely deposited in my bank account, I did something that only a mother whose child is being bullied on the playground can understand: I let the moron have it when he called and demanded a complete rewrite on the already published content. Sometimes, being brave means standing up for yourself.  It knows when to let certain matters go, and when to clobber the fool.

As a freelance writer, I have an amazing success rate with clients.  I bend over backwards to accommodate those loyal customers who need something  as soon as possible,  Emergencies happen and last minute requests are the norm in this business.  But rude, obnoxious, and threatening behavior, especially from those that want something for nothing, should never be tolerated.  My new motto:  Get out.  Cut the cord.  Slam the door.

Don’t tolerate conduct from anyone that you wouldn’t allow from a toddler. The louder they scream, shut them down.  You are better than this.  Being brave means rising up to be the best version of yourself you can be, and not letting small minded, greedy and selfish people overtake your space.  The minute I walked away from this particular creep, I felt the overwhelming weight, which had plagued me for several weeks, suddenly disappear.  It was gone just like that.  There was no second guessing, no obsessing if I shot myself in the foot, no regret.  I was no longer going to work for this so called gentleman, and it simply wasn’t a matter of discussion anymore.

Then you let it go, forget about it, and carry on. 




One thought on “Being Brave: Sometimes You Need To Let The Morons Have It

  1. Your writing leaves me always wanting more of your attitude, your witty and cleaver writing and you always leave me with a laugh! Keep them coming…..
    Sara and Jaylene Morel

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