We Interrupt This Blog….


Four months ago, I started a small freelance writing business.  It has taken off sooner than I thought and each month the work gets better and more challenging.  Having been out of the traditional work force for over 18 years when I stopped to raise our children, I now find myself constantly working at balancing what needs to be done at home and what I need to do for the new writing career.  It’s coming together, though I haven’t been able to juggle all of the balls quite yet.  For example, the four basic food groups at my house are now known as:  drive thru, pizza delivery, cereal and “you are on your own.” Oh, and my laundry room is overflowing.  So are the trash cans.

I’m busy working on a few blog posts, but until then, I wanted my subscribers to know that I am here and busy writing.  I’m certain this has made your day.  Probably even your week. You are welcome.

Anyway, I am including this favorite clip of mine from one of the shows I always forget to watch, Modern Family.  This video reminds me how many times have we done something stupid with our children?  Yes, we have locked them in the car while they innocently play with the car keys. We have blamed them for something that ended up not being their fault as well as subjected them to some of our least flattering parental moments.  It happens.  Nothing is perfect.  Pick yourself up and carry on.  The next mistake is right around the corner.