In Case You Care…

Last week I wrote that fall is my favorite season. That hasn’t changed. What I didn’t mention is that the photo I published was from last year.  We have yet to see anything other than a deep green hue in my neck of the woods however the pumpkins are out, the days are shortening and I’m already freezing to death.

In a few short weeks I will be spending the majority of my time keeping up with the massive amount of leaves that will soon blanket my front yard. And because I have all the luck, every leaf from every tree within a ten-mile radius will settle on my property. That’s the wind for you. My neighbors must love me.  So this is a gentle reminder to myself that I had children for a reason other than to dress them up and make my parents proud of me. My three able bodied teenagers will grab a rake, say a few grumbling words, and help me tidy up the landfill that covers my yard every October.

In case you care, this is what fall looks like at my house as of this very minute.  You are welcome. Stay tuned. For those of you who don’t experience my favorite season with a leaf blower and three grumpy children, consider this a privileged treat.  Do you have any idea how many people want to see my trees other than my mother?  Don’t answer. But here you go.

Every shade of green. Soon, these leaves will make my life a nightmare.