Hello 2012. Nice to Meet You.

 Editor’s Note:  I forgot to put “organization” on my resolution list this year.  This was to be posted last week. The story of my life.

Am I the only one ready to bid a fond farewell to 2011?  This has been a strange year and I’m ready to stick a fork in it and call her done. I’m saying this on behalf of all those I know who lost a loved one, suffered from poor health, gained more weight when they were trying to lose, became an unemployment statistic or maybe watched a child struggle. I know of too many people, whether personally or those that I read about from the headlines, that need some closure and a fresh start.

In many ways, I prefer the New Year to any other holiday. It’s a time where we can truly begin anew. Where our hopes are positive and our dreams don’t seem so out of reach. As we grow older the years become more precious. We watch our parents’ age, our children head towards paths where our guidance is not particularly welcomed and sweet time just plain refuses to slow down.

But I am certain of one thing this year:  I am going to be greedier.  Greedy?  Boy, that’s a hard word to type when you are a mother.  But I am putting the focus back on myself while creating challenges where my comfort zone is broadened and my curiosity  is spiked.  I have decided that cleaning bathrooms, while necessary, is just plain boring.  Volunteering for a classroom project?  Been there done that hundreds of times.  Grocery shopping? Yes, we need to eat but I no longer care to get excited when Tide comes out with a new scent.  This is the year where I will learn to say “no” more often.

But I will also learn to say “yes.”

Yes to new adventures. Yes to more opportunities that will make me laugh out loud. Yes to finishing a few good books. Yes to starting that Photoshop class.  I will say “yes” to finding more opportunities to sit and write while understanding the importance to step away from the computer and have lunch with my child.

It’s about finding balance.  There is a quote from a Jessye Norman that I have printed and taped to my computer:  “Problems arise in that one has to find a balance between what people need from you and what you need for yourself.”  Finding that balance will not be easy because like most mothers, our nature is to put our family in the lifeboat first while we tread water.  Well, this year, I’m telling everyone to scoot over and hand me a blanket.