This brave thing takes a lot of thought, not to mention time.

First.  Let me tell you what I am discovering.

Perfection is ridiculous.

For too long I resisted writing in this blog if every comma wasn’t correct, my grammar wasn’t spot on or my thoughts were a little disjointed. Talk about pressure.  I then realized if I expected this from myself, what did I expect from others?


It’s said you will never find your true self worth if you are seeking perfection. In order to keep my commitment this year about challenging myself, stepping out of my comfort zone, etc., I had to learn to stop expecting everything to be, well, perfect.

So here is where my Big Brave World Tour took me the past seven days.

Joined a Writing Club.  Yes.  I’m going to sit across from others, share our stories, take in their comments and basically try not to cry.

Joined a Book Club.  Yes, I’m doing a lot of “joining”, but I will be gathering with a group of women I do not know, at someone’s house I do not know, and hopefully all while enjoying the experience. Personally, I’m a homebody, but I have really missed my old book groups, so let’s give it a try. And I found a group where they enjoy wine, so it’s a win-win.

Walked two new trails: I try and walk as much as I can.  Thank God for California which makes this exercise not only easy, but thoroughly enjoyable.  While out and about, I noticed several trails that seemed interesting, but frankly, I didn’t know much about them, such as the distance, if they were safe, and dear God, if it was rattlesnake mating season.  Anyway, I said the heck with it,  marched along and discovered some amazing sites, some with a clear ocean view.

Yoga/Meditation: In a few short hours I will be sitting with a yoga instructor (who happens to be a personal friend), in her own home studio, learning gentle yoga and meditation.  I’ve always said “no” when asked to do this before, not because I wasn’t interested, but rather I needed my body to heal from my PMR (When Life Throughs You A Curveball).  Well, my body is about as healed as its going to get, so no more excuses.

Coming up this week:  I’m doing something unprofessional, but really, really needed, and I can because I’m my own boss.











5 thoughts on “WOW.

  1. Thanks for this, Julie! As always, well written and very relatable! I’m the same age as your sister and I’m working on my own “brave” right now. Have lots of weight to lose. Bought a Fitbit but was happy with however many steps I happened to get doing whatever I needed do to. Not surprisingly, the weight wasn’t coming off….at all. At the end of December, I decided I needed to do something different. So I reluctantly joined an online Fitbit group. I’m not sure why it was so intimidating. It’s pretty much anonymous, has members from all over the world, and only reports how many steps you have taken each day. The minimum goal is 10,000 daily steps for all 366 days of the year. As of today, I’m 11/11. It is keeping my accountable and at my first weigh-in, I lost a little over 2 pounds! It’s a start….. My husband is hoping I’ll soon be brave enough to start using the 24 Hour Fitness membership we’ve been paying for the last 24 months….

    1. You go girl!!!!! I’m also trying to lose some weight as well, and it’s not easy. Keep me posted how you are doing!!!! So happy you are being brave and going for it!

  2. Thanks again Julie. I am being brave this year for different reasons but that part doesn’t matter as much as the really getting out there and doing it. I stopped yesterday to join the “Friends of the Library” group that I had said I would join the 3rd Thursday of each month for the past 5 years and 1 month. This time I am going to do it! Also while there they suggested I join their book club. I will do it. I have paid my dues for the “block of the month” quilting club. I am walking with Raven three times a day and yesterday made the big decision….I am staying home enough this year to……..get my chicks and see how it goes. Skip and I talked about this for at least 17 years. This is it! I have someone bringing nests over, I’m going to do it. Love you.

    1. You have a gift of reaching everyone….you can express how we all feel, but are unable to to express it so beautifully……..Keep it up

  3. Yeah Winnie! I love hearing this, and yes, it’s all about “finally doing it!” I have always admired you so much, and I didn’t think it was possible to love you more!!

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